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The 6 C’s are the learning habits that we are seeking to develop in all our students in the school community. This is both to make them successful learners during their time in school and as they take their place in the wider world.
Students at The Cottesloe School are specifically rewarded for demonstrating these behaviours and lessons are structured to enable them to demonstrate and progress these behaviours over time.
Teachers in the school embody these values, and during academic mentoring teachers discuss these skills with their tutees.


Is the ability to work together with people either in teams or with the teacher. It is doing the right thing to allow learning to occur.
Leadership qualities, teamwork, turn taking, giving advice.


Are the behaviours that help two or more people to work together and function well in the process.
Conversation, asking questions or clarifying for others, negotiation. Building upon the ideas of others.


Is using specific dispositions and skills such as analysing arguments carefully, seeing other points of view, and reaching sound conclusions.
Problem solving, reasoning, analysis, synthesis, comparing concepts, interrogating evidence.


Is the ability to achieve beyond and keep going. It is having work that extends learning.
Resilience, achieving beyond.


Is teaching / showing / advising someone what to do to improve.
Giving advice using criteria, explaining how to do something better, supporting others to achieve, being a leader.


Is using original and appropriate thinking. It is connecting, relating, comparing.
Being curious (asking questions), imagination, innovation.