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About Us Friends of Cottesloe School

Raising funds to enrich every students’ learning experience by bringing together the wider community

About the Friends of Cottesloe

The Friends of Cottesloe School is a group of parents and teachers who organise events throughout the year in order to raise extra funding for the School and its students. Funds are raised in many ways, from catering at sporting events, refreshments at open evenings and performances, to arranging social occasions for students and parents. Amongst the many ways we have been able to help the School, FoC have purchased laptops, mini-buses, sports equipment and outdoor classrooms, and contribute towards trips and visits!

With your support we hope to fund more great projects and equipment from which our students can benefit. The team would love to hear from parents who would like to contribute to the work FoC does. If regular commitment is not possible, there is a 'Helping Hands' list where you may be notified when extra help is required. Do get in touch if you can offer your support in any way.


We have signed up to Easyfundraising for staff, students and their parents & carers. Easyfundraising is the UK’s biggest charity shopping fundraising website. With over 3,500 online retailers, users raise money for the school while they shop online. Please follow this link.  You will need to sign up, but can opt to receive no emails. You can also add a shortcut button to your browser or device once you sign up to the app. 

Matched Funding - Can You Help?

Did you know that many large employers offer 'matching donations' to schools and charitable organisations where their employees help in fund raising. Employees do not need to do all of the fundraising themselves nor be a committee member, and we can provide you with some very easy ways in which to raise this money. So, if you work for HBOS, Abbey or any other large employer and you want to make a difference to your child's education, please contact the Friends of Cottesloe.
If you would like to make a donation, please click here.

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