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Cottesloe student takes part in Remembrance Parade as a Lance Corporal12/11/2021

We couldn't be more proud of our student Kaijun, who is a Lance Corporal. For Remembrance Day, Mr Jones granted him permission to attend this very moving ceremony.

He sent Mr Jones a very poignant note:

For this parade, cadets and senior NCOs were selected to take part in this event - unlike the Remembrance Sunday parades, this was most prestigious as very high ranking members of the ACF, Army, CCF, Royal Marine Cadets and Navy Cadets were present during the event. So the best cadets from I Company were meticulously chosen to represent I Company and the Rifles (Our regiment).

In the first photo, I (in camouflage), the other NCOs and cadets are standing around the Mayor of Milton Keynes. The mayor read out multiple speeches on how important the 11th November is to the commonwealth and the veterans of previous conflicts.

The second photo shows me, in Multi-Terrain Pattern uniform, to the right of a Royal Marine cadet bearing a wreath. I was given the opportunity to lay the wreath down on the memorial on behalf of the entire Bucks ACF - which leads me to explain the video.

The video shows myself and the Royal Marine Cadet marching up to the memorial, saluting out of respect for the fallen; placing the wreath on the memorial, saluting, and marching away to fall back into our parades.

‘Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many so few’

- Winston Churchill

To see all the photos please follow this link where he featured in the MK Citizen


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