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English Literature Ambassadors15/07/2019

My name is Rebecca Putt, I am in Year 11 and currently taking my GCSEs. Along with a group of fellow students I took my GCSE in English Literature when I was in Year 10, so Mrs Webber asked if we would get involved in mentoring our peers, as we had exam experience and were able to advise them on revision techniques that helped us, and how to deal with stress as the exam approached. We had one-to-one and small group sessions, and I had to learn different books to the ones I had studied, going over the plots and giving unique ideas for answers, using tips I had learned from Mr Matcham. I found it interesting and enjoyed the experience, and I was pleased to have the opportunity to help as I would like to go into teaching. Mrs Webber added, "These Year 11 students have been amazing in the Intervention sessions. They have really helped other Year 11 students because they have recently been through the examination process themselves and know what works. They were also so focused in these sessions and shared their excellent notes to great effect."

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