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Local Plan for Buckinghamshire | Have your say!24/01/2022

Survey on the future of planning in Buckinghamshire They would like to hear the views of school communities including school staff on the future of planning in Buckinghamshire through our short online survey.

Those of us living/working in Bucks might have something to say about future planning, so please take some time to look at this survey.

"Work is now underway on the Local Plan for Buckinghamshire, which will set out how we plan for new housing, community facilities, infrastructure and employment opportunities for residents and business in Buckinghamshire up until 2040.

To make sure that the Local Plan reflects the diverse needs and aspirations of everyone in Buckinghamshire, we will be engaging with people at every stage of the Plan’s progress. As we begin the process, we’re asking people to give us their views on future planning in Buckinghamshire through a short online survey.

As part of the survey, we very much want to hear the voices of those in Buckinghamshire’s school communities:

  • School staff. Our education professionals and their support staff are key workers in the wider community, and we want to hear their views on issues such as affordable housing, both for themselves and the families of those at the school.
  • Parents. Access to good housing, community facilities, transport infrastructure and employment opportunities are part of the day-to-day concerns of most parents – all issues on which we want to hear their opinion.
  • Pupils. Our pupils will be adults in the communities of tomorrow, for which we need to plan today – it’s important to us that we hear their views.

So that we can get an as wide response to the survey as possible, we’d be really grateful if you could spread the word about the survey to all your staff and to the wider school community. The deadline for responses to the survey is 11 February 2022."

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