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Tate Britain23/10/2019

On September 24th Art Students from Years 11, 12 and 13 visited the Tate Britain in London to experience art first-hand. It was a successful visit as the following comments from students illustrate:
“I enjoyed looking and understanding the development of British Art through time and it gave me lots of new ideas”. Verity
“The trip to the museum was very inspiring and allowed me to discover new artists. It has helped a lot with coursework”. Robson
“I thoroughly enjoyed it and it really inspired me”. Elliot
“I enjoyed the Sixty Years room in particular, but it was also really interesting to see Art from different periods of time”. Tia
“Interesting, but some pieces were strange to me”. Ollie
“I liked the museum visit; it gave me lots of ideas for my sketch book”. Chloe

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