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Teacher Assessed Grading25/03/2021

Teacher Assessed Grading (TAG)

As you know, this year examinations are not going ahead and schools are being asked to work closely with exam boards to ensure that grades are awarded consistently and fairly. This is a complex and holistic process that ensures that a range of evidence is used for every student in every subject. We have made considerable progress in this process already and I wanted to share the key principles that will underpin our work.

Students will only be assessed on the work they have been taught. They cannot be assessed on things they have not studied. We have already identified the key aspects of the curriculum that have been delivered in all subject areas. This has been shared with all parents and students.

We have also identified the key evidence that will be used by each subject area to assess each student's performance. This has also been shared with all parents and students.
This evidence, where available, ranges from:

  1. Student work produced in response to assessment materials provided by the exam board, including groups of questions, past papers or similar materials such as practice or sample papers.

  2. Non-exam assessment (NEA) work (often referred to as coursework), even if this has not been fully completed.

  3. Student work produced in centre-devised tasks that reflect the specification, that follow the same format as exam board materials and have been marked in a way that reflects exam board mark schemes. This can include substantial class or homework (including those that took place during remote learning), internal tests taken by pupils and mock exams taken over the course of study.

  4. Records of a student’s capability and performance over the course of study in performance-based subjects such as music, drama and PE.

  5. Records of each student’s progress and performance over the course of study.

Evidence must be of high quality and relates directly to the specification and the assessment.

The disruption to education over the last two academic years has meant that many students have had vastly different experiences both in school and during periods of remote learning. For this very reason exam boards have not prescribed how schools will use evidence. The range and amount of evidence will vary between students and across subjects. No two cases will be the same so we have the flexibility to exercise our professional judgement in awarding TAG based on the evidence we have available for every student in every subject. We will be using a range of records from across the duration of the courses students have studied to support our judgements.

Our process has been externally validated by our School Improvement Officer, Ralph Batten. Further scrutiny has been applied by the Governing Body to ensure that we are following due process so that every student gets the grades that reflects the work they have completed during the period of disruption caused by the COVID 19 pandemic and the course of their studies. 

Please be assured that this process will be robust and fair and will have the students at its centre. We are working as quickly as we can with tight timeframes in which to complete this process. Whilst I appreciate that you may naturally have some questions around grading, I would ask that at this time you allow the school to complete this process without undue interruption from queries. We aim to provide you with all the information you need and may not be able to respond to individual requests.

Yours Sincerely
Mr S Jones

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