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Year 7 Residential Trip25/09/2019

The Camp at Outspark

On the first day, all the students who were going on the camping trip came into school with their bags, excited about the two days that were ahead of them. We entered the sports hall and sat down in our form groups, we talked amongst each other until we were introduced to the Outspark crew. We were then put into groups before getting on the coach. After around 15 minutes we arrived at Woburn Abbey, then we started our 3-mile hike!
Some of us had snacks for the long walk, which was a smart idea, and we had things we had to find on the way like deer and stables. Walking through the beautiful deer park in Woburn was fun, but it was also very tiring.
We finally arrived at the campsite, exhausted and keen to get into our tents, although it took us around twenty minutes to build them before we could achieve that. My group did a good job, however, our tent had a tear in it and we ended up with a muddy puddle during the night! Looking back at it now, it’s quite funny.
We all got to do a number of activities over the two days. My favourites were Archery, Rock Climbing and Pioneering. We had to work together to build a catapult and shoot tennis balls from it. It was great to see some classmates overcome their fear of heights during the rock climbing. 
For dinner we had a healthy stuffed pepper with sweet potato which we helped to prepare. For dessert we had cooked banana with chocolate inside. Most groups then had a campfire and hot chocolate, but due to bad weather my group were unable to do this.
Overall I loved the Outspark trip, and definitely recommend going. One of the highlights for me was hearing the tip-tap of the rain against the tent. It might have kept me up at night but it was strangely soothing.
Thank you to the teachers for the hard work and preparation.

By Ben Wilson Year 7

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