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Careers Inspiration and Motivation

"Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life" Confucius 

Inspiration and Motivation: My vision for Work Experience and Careers at the Cottesloe School

The DFE states that the provision Work Experience and Careers guidance will be given, as of April 2014, higher priority in subsequent inspections. It specifies what schools ‘must’ provide and what they have a ‘duty’ to provide. The differentiation between these two key words will determine whether a school is designated as ‘requires improvement’ or ‘good’. As I share the school’s determination to be considered ‘good’ or better, my vision for Work Experience and Careers is to provide a service that embraces both statutory requirements and exemplary practice.

My personal ethos is that Work Experience and Careers advice is not just a necessary preparation for the post 16 future but is vital to inspire and motivate students to raise their academic attainment in the present. On this website you will find an index which, when all the individual elements are combined, represent my vision for Inspiration and Motivation at The Cottesloe School.

Careers guidance interviews at Key Stage 4 are a means by which I can provide targeted interventions for students struggling to reach the necessary academic levels required to access education at post 16 or apprenticeships. Currently, a substantial number of Year 10 students participate in Work Experience; those who do not take up this option are given the opportunity in Year 12. My aim is to achieve 100% participation within the next two years. I currently have a large portfolio of businesses that already have the necessary clearance to take on Work Experience students. For inspiration look at our recommended and Gold Star placements on this site.

I have formed a small team of colleagues whose expertise and knowledge is vital not only in helping students to find placements but in supporting them during their Work Experience.
In my opinion there are two major contributing factors in raising academic attainment: high quality teaching, and inspired and motivated students. A coordinated careers provision has an important role in the latter. Therefore, raised attainment at Key Stage 4 and 5 and the increased number of students attending our Sixth Form and then progressing to universities, apprenticeships and employment, is both my ambition and my success criteria.

Clive Matcham