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Careers Labour Market Information

Why is it important?

Labour Market Information (LMI) tells you about the workplace, or labour market. LMI describes the condition of the labour market, past and present, as well as future projections. The word future here is important.
Let’s say that you want to be a builder, at the moment the building industry is robust in this area, but what is the forecast for the future, particularly when you will be qualified and looking for a job?
Getting a job and making a career is a strategic process. If you are tied to certain geographic area then getting a job in your chosen field of interest might be problematic if that industry is in decline or even doesn’t have a footprint in that area yet. Now the word yet becomes important.
Because LMI will tell you if this footprint is imminent or unlikely ever to exist. This gives you powerful knowledge to inform your career choices and where you might end up living.
STARTPROFILE not only helps you to find a career but will also tell you whether the employment opportunities in your chosen geographical area are strong or weak.

Clive Matcham

LMI Report - Buckinghamshire (download the PDF)

LMI by Region (April-June 2019)

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