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Summer School 2021

 The Summer School will be running between Monday 23rd to Friday 27th August!

If you're doing the Caldecotte Sailing Experience for your off-site activity, don't forget to read the "What to Bring" document HERE

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About The Cottesloe Summer School

Get ready for Summer School!

All current Year 6 students joining The Cottesloe School in Year 7 in September will have the opportunity to attend our exciting Summer School. Our aim is to give every student the opportunity to catch up on some of the fun and friendships they missed out on during the pandemic and school closures. With a blend of engaging classroom learning, thrilling off-site activities, practical arts and crafts and the classic Cottesloe Character Camp, your child will be amazed at how much fun secondary school can be!


Our Summer School curriculum is not about starting Year 7 early or spending all day doing sums at a desk!

Our classroom-based learning sessions are influenced by what knowledge a student might reasonably be expected to have by the end of Year 6 and demonstrating to students how to present and share their ideas. Discussion, debating and creativity are the order of the day as our students remember how to listen respectfully to others and make everyone feel valued when talking about facts and opinions.

Your child can expect to explore core elements of literacy and numeracy through lively and engaging sessions lead by a specially selected team of Cottesloe staff. There will also be Sixth Form students on hand to offer their own expertise and support during lessons, making sure every student can feel confident in the classroom.

Enrichment Activities

Camping, sailing and adventure on the high ropes!

No school year is complete without a good old fashioned camping trip, but for so many students last year that was sadly impossible. Summer School to the rescue! Not only will every student have the opportunity to take part in our Character Camp where they will be able test out their wilderness skills ready for an overnight stay on the school site, but they will also have the opportunity test out sailing on a lake or navigating the high ropes with our off-site enrichment partners.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) When is Summer School?
Summer School will run from Monday 23rd August 2021 to Friday 27th August inclusive.

2) How much does it cost?
Attendance and all activities are completely free. However, if you wish your child to have a school meal during the week there is a charge of £2-3 per day.

3) Can my child bring a packed lunch?
Yes, this is absolutely fine!

4) What time will I need to collect my child?
You will need to drop your child off at school before 8:40am and collect them at 3:30pm. On the day your child goes on an off-site activity you will be advised of the later collection time.

5) What happens if my child misses a day?
If you child is unable to attend Summer School for any reason, please let us know before 8:40am by emailing

6) Will my child need to do a lateral flow test?
The current government advice is that children who go to primary school or younger children do not need to test. However, if your child is 11 years old or older the government recommends taking the lateral flow test twice a week, and registering the result online.

7) Does my child have to wear a mask?
We recommend that masks are worn in indoor spaces such as corridors or toilets, but if your child feels more comfortable they may wear one in the classroom. However the majority of the sessions are outdoors, where there is no requirement to wear a mask.

8) Can my child have their phone?
Our school policy is not to allow the use of mobile phones during school hours. If your child needs a phone to help with collection times etc, this is acceptable, but your child should not be using their phone during the school day. They will have plenty of new friends to chat to and games to play! The school is also not liable for any damage to or loss of mobile phones. 

9) My child is not attending The Cottesloe School in September. Can they still come?
Currently the Summer School is only for students who will be starting at The Cottesloe School in September 2021.

10) I am a parent. Can I volunteer to help at Summer School?
Thank you for your interest, but this not currently possible.

11) Does my child need to wear school uniform?
No, your child does not need to wear uniform. They can wear comfortable clothes and footwear suitable for outdoor activities.

12) What happens if my child feels unwell whilst in school?
They should report feeling unwell to a member of staff, who will then take the appropriate next steps and contact you if necessary.

13) My child has asthma/diabetes/allergies. Can they still come?
Of course! Please make sure your child has their inhaler/medication/epipen etc with them at all times, including the off-site activities, and please be sure to give full details of your child's medical needs on the enrolment and activity consent forms.

14) Can my child wear jewellery, e.g. a necklace?
We would advise against this. There will be a lot of activities such as sailing, cooking, team sports, etc, where wearing jewellery would be impractical and possibly dangerous. We are also not liable for any loss or damage to expensive items brought onto the school site.

15) Will my child need any spending money/pocket money?
There will be no need for your child to bring cash on site. All our activities are free of charge, and if your child wishes to eat at school you will be able to pay for this online. We are not liable for any loss of money brought onto the school site.