BBC Radio 4 Any Questions?

BBC Radio 4 Any Questions? hosted by The Cottesloe School on Friday 17th May
During the afternoon of Friday 17th May, members of our Techie Crew were given a guided tour of the Outside Broadcast vehicle by Steve the Sound Engineering Manager. He explained how the programme would be broadcast live to the nation that evening and we were all impressed that the whole vehicle was designed to be powered by just two household electric sockets.
Finally, after lots of hard work by many members of staff, especially Nicola Hulland and our Site Team, the time had come for the event to begin. Our Head Girl, Eleanor Johnston and a team of Year 10 students were on hand to meet the audience as they arrived and show them to their seats. It was good to see quite a few students in the audience as well as parents, staff and members of the public. Student stewards were also waiting to greet Jonathan Dimbleby, the Chair of Any Questions? and the panelists. 
After the broadcast the production team, Jonathan Dimbleby and the panelists joined Mr Jones, his special guests, members of the FOC committee, some parents and a cross-section of staff for some refreshments in the school Library. During this time, people got to chat with the politicians and Jonathan Dimbleby. Our Head Girl and three of the Year 10 stewards (Sofia Scordo, Erica Meadows and Chloe Kilday) had the opportunity to act as school reporters and interview them.
If you haven’t yet listened to our edition of Any Questions?, you can still listen to it using the BBC Sounds App
Miss Hawkes 

The full article and student write up is in the May newsletter.