Headteacher's Welcome

The Cottesloe School prides itself on providing a safe and caring learning environment where high achievement for all is our shared expectation.

It is a privilege to be the Headteacher of The Cottesloe School and my staff and I are fully committed to maximising the life chances of all of our students by creating a vibrant and challenging learning experience for everyone. Our students benefit from highly qualified and exceptionally committed staff who recognise the importance of creative and challenging teaching and have high professional standards.

We place great emphasis on students developing the necessary qualities to be successful in all walks of life through our ‘Healthy Relationships’ and ‘6Cs’ agendas. We expect all members of the school community to show respect, honesty and take responsibility for accessing the opportunities the school provides. In the classroom, teachers actively plan learning experiences that promote challenge, creativity, critical thinking, co-operation, collaboration and coaching.

Our curriculum has been carefully designed to provide suitable pathways which meet the needs of all our students. It provides an excellent range of options in GCSE and A Level qualifications supported by a range of vocational courses. Students enjoy school and appreciate its strong community feel. All students experience a high level of care and guidance to enhance their personal and academic development and to support their dreams and aspirations.

As a school, we provide a high quality learning experience, outstanding pastoral care, ever improving examination results, high standards of behaviour, and empathy for others. The Cottesloe School has a calm, purposeful learning environment one in which all students are happy, successful and safe.

We value support and feedback from parents and carers, as this has been proven to improve achievement and the students’ academic experience. In addition, we welcome visits to the school, by appointment, as we believe the means of deciding if a school is the right one for your child is to see it in action.

As Headteacher I am committed to striving for excellence in order to create the necessary environment to maximise the life chances of every student who attends The Cottesloe School.

Simon Jones

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