Medical Information

Administering Medicines in School
Students needing to take medications on a temporary basis should take the prescribed dose before or after School. However, in some cases, medicine can be brought in School providing a consent form has been completed and signed by the parent/carer. A consent form can be obtained from the Medical Office or the School’s website, and must be returned to the Senior First Aider. The School can only accept medications as prescribed by a doctor in their original packaging with a label showing the student’s name, the medicine’s name, the dose, frequency of intake and a completed prescribed medication administration form. It is the responsibility of parents to collect any medication going out of date and to bring in new medication required into school. We do not provide medication for hayfever; please ensure that it is administered before coming to school.

The School abides by County Policies that regulate the above, according to which the School can only take responsibility to administer to students under the age of 16 medicines that have been prescribed by their GP and not purchased over the counter. However, if occasional pain relief is required, the School can provide Paracetamol and Calpol in doses agreed by County’s healthcare professionals once a completed consent form is received.

Please inform the School immediately of any changes to existing or new medical conditions. Any medical information concerning your child, including changes to medication or medical conditions, must be put in writing (for rare conditions a GP’s or Specialist’s letter is required). If you would like to discuss any medical concerns you may have regarding your child, please contact me on 01296 688264.

Please note the following for students requiring medication:

Severe allergic reactions
For those students who suffer from severe allergies and carry an Epipen it is strongly advised that parents supply the School with a spare adrenaline pen, in its original packaging, and to ensure that their child carries one or two at all times. Consent forms can be obtained from the Medical Office.

Students would normally be responsible for their own inhalers. Parents can also supply a spare inhaler, in its original packaging, to be kept at School.

If your child has diabetes, it is advisable to organise a hypo kit to be kept in School containing: a spare acutest device, one spare insulin pen (empty), pen needles, lancets, a Glucogel tube (or a bottle), a sugary drink, a sugary snack as well as a carbohydrate snack. It is also advisable to keep spare insulin, boxed and labelled with your child’s name, in the refrigerator by the Medical Room. Students with diabetes are advised not to keep needles with the insulin pen they carry around in case these are mislaid. Please make sure that your child does not arrive in School with a needle already in their pen. Parents and carers are advised to provide their child with a water bottle and a packet of dextrose tablets at all times. Please speak to the Senior First Aider should you have any queries. 

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Mrs Parkins
Senior First Aider