School Ethos

Our core value statement 'High achievement for all is our shared responsibility' reflects our belief that we must all work together and support one another as a teaching and learning community so that we are able to achieve the highest standards in all that we do.

The Core Value statement incorporates

  • An accountability of all teachers and support staff
  • A responsibility of all students
  • Set aspirational targets for all students and teachers
  • A strong sense of community through clear values as stated in the Cottesloe Charter
  • Everyone has an important role to play and responsibility or accountability is not delegated to othersĀ 

Our vision is to be recognised as a school on a journey to outstanding. A school that demonstrates excellence in the academic progress and achievement of our students through;

  • very high standards of teaching and learning
  • the care and commitment we show to our students and the wider community
  • working in partnership with parents
  • strong ethical values in everything we do
  • sharing good practice across our school and with other schools
  • a strong commitment to the professional development of all our staff
  • giving our young people a range of opportunities and experiences to become confident and responsible members of 21st Century Britain.

On a daily basis our commitment towards this vision can be seen through;

  • strong, supportive and professional leadership at all levels
  • high standards and expectations underpinned by care and support for each individual
  • a clear focus on teaching, learning, achievement and standards that can be measured by results in tests and examinations
  • well-kept buildings and other facilities
  • our partnership work with others to improve our school and other schools
  • good communication that means we can:
    • have an open dialogue with students, parents, staff and the wider community
    • involve everyone and help people understand what we are trying to achieve

The Cottesloe School is all about Raising Standards, Individually and Collectively

Sch Ethos

Our Charter

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