PE Kit

General Kit

  • Games Shirt (long sleeved) Black & Gold 
  • Matt Shorts Black 
  • PE Polo Shirt White with Black Trim 
  • Football/Hockey Socks Black

Winter PE kit

  • During the colder months the PE department are suggesting the following steps to enable them to run PE curriculum, keep you as actively engaged as possible, and keep you warm: 
  • If you have football or rugby on your timetable bring football boots and trainers 
  • If your lesson is outside add a pair of black tracksuit bottoms or waterproof bottoms to your PE kit 
  • Add a base-layer or at least a dark coloured T-shirt (or two!) for under your games jersey 
  • Always pack spare underwear 
  • Don't forget your football socks 
  • Pack a hand towel 
  • Bring a waterproof that is light, doesn't restrict movement and can be packed easily 
  • Always have a boot bag and supermarket plastic bag for wet items

Remember the clothing items mentioned above are in addition to your required TCS PE kit not instead of. Indoor lessons will require no additional items.