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Parents School Shop

Dear Parents,

We have tried hard to make the purchase of school uniform as straight forward as possible. We stock all the essential and optional items at very reasonable prices and, of course, by buying through the school you do not have the worry that an item of clothing may not conform to the uniform regulations. Of course, you can choose to shop elsewhere but do please check that the garment does conform in this way.

This year we have added a topcoat to the range of school wear available since we had concerns about the variety of unsuitable tops being worn by pupils. Topcoats should be black, grey or blue and free of all but the most discreet logos. We also offer an exclusive range of school equipment and books which we have broken down by year group.

Of course we recognise that for many parents, school transfer is an expensive undertaking but for some it can cause real financial hardship. In such cases please contact the school to discuss the situation and be aware that we do have some items of second-hand uniform available for purchase.

As a school we take very seriously the issue of students arriving at school in the correct uniform and with the appropriate equipment. Please help us maintain high standards in these areas.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Simon Jones



During term-time the Shop is open:

Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm

How to order

1. Browse our catalogue and pay via Parentpay 

2. Please follow this link for our on-line shop

3. When your order is ready it will be sent home with your child