Cottesloe Equestrian Team

British Show-jumping National Championships
Cottesloe Equestrian Team2

We are very proud of the Cottesloe Equestrian Team won the 80cm Show-Jumping at the British Show-jumping National Schools Championship 2016.The team consisted of Charlotte Malone-Jones, Charlotte Thorne, Rosie Tompkins and Jennifer Tubb. All team members played their part in two fabulous placings at the British Show-jumping National Championships. During the first class of the day, 70cm, the team finished on 4 points coming in at 6th place; Rosie and Charlotte both achieved lovely clears! Charlotte was also placed as an individual in 10th place. Then to top that, we were the second team to jump in the 80cm and finished on a score of 0. The wait was tense but worth it as only 3 teams Jumped clear. When they announced the Cottesloe School had won first place a huge cheer went up! Thanks to the hard work and support of students and family members to make this success possible. The team would also like to say a special thank you to the Friends of Cottesloe who provided our saddlecloths with the school logo. Hopefully we will continue to have success in the coming school year.
Ann-Marie Tubb, Cottesloe Equestrian Team Manager