Positively MAD: Exam Busters

Positively MAD ‘Exam Busters’ workshops for Year 11 and parents
On Thursday 23rd February we were delighted to welcome Positively MAD into our school to deliver workshops to the Year 11 students. The aim was to support them with their preparations for the March mock examinations and the GCSE exams that commence in May.
The two hour workshops proved to be a great success in providing the students with a range of memory strategies and revision tasks to improve their ability to recall information quickly and accurately. In particular, the colour-coded mind-mapping task proved to be a real hit with our students and, in just five minutes, they were able to recall a wealth of information about the life and career of Muhammad Ali. We now hope to see Year 11 using these strategies in their own independent revision.

The day ended with a workshop for Year 11 parents in order to offer guidance to parents about how best to support their sons and daughters with revision at home. All of the strategies taught to students in their workshops were shared with parents and parents even had a go at trialling them for themselves. The representative from Positively MAD, Natalie, also stressed the importance of sleep, nutrition and exercise as students prepare for their examinations and she shared useful breathing techniques for settling anxiety and stress during the exam period.

Overall, the day was a great success that offered students and parents a wealth of information and support. The representatives from Positively MAD were highly complimentary of the conduct and engagement that Year 11 demonstrated on the day and said that they were some of the finest students that they had worked with. I’d like to congratulate Year 11 on their contributions to the workshops, and take the opportunity to also extend thanks to the parents who attend the parent workshops.

Mrs Timoney
Achievement Leader