ICT & Computer Science Competitions

Our ICT and Computer Science students have been busy entering competitions this term and we had two events this week where they got to show off their work.

On Monday 27th March we took 8 teams to the John Howard Barracks in MK so they could let the Army launch their carefully prepared model rocket cars along a track. The fastest time we set was Sam Pearce’s 72ms, with an impressive speed of 30.4mph. We will have to wait and see how that looks against other competing schools, but all the cars performed well and I’m sure some aerodynamics lessons can be taken forward to the next race in 2018 if we’re not in the top scores this year.

On Tuesday 28th, eight Year 9 students pitched their ideas for apps to a Dragons Den panel organised by AppsforGood, an award-winning education technology movement that aims to build the next generation of problem solvers and makers. Their ideas were well received and students Henry Dorance, Davey Hale, Jacob Day and Louis Sands were awarded 2nd place for their 'Present Recommender App', designed to reduce landfill waste from useless and unwanted gifts. They will now take these ideas forward to a national competition next month. I’m sure it’s no surprise that our students were confident and well spoken, and were complimented on this on the day.

Mr Clawson

Rocket cars 01 Rocket cars 02