Mock Results' Day 2019

Year 11 Mock Results’ Day Friday 4th January 2019
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As many students entered the hall on Friday; some with trepidation and many with nervous excitement, I had the pleasure in sharing the results’ process with Year 11. All students listened attentively as Mr Peel began the event with a motivational talk about the days, weeks and months to follow their results and the ways to use results to strive for an even better performance in the March mocks and public examinations.
Then came the opening of the results’ envelopes! For many, it was a moment of relief, celebration and pride for the period of revision that had led to the November mock examinations. It was a privilege to share in this moment and to congratulate so many students for the progress they have made. Equally, for some, it was a moment to reflect on results that were a disappointment, but the overwhelming sentiment that bounced around the hall was that there was time, and motivation, to build on these results and work towards an even better set of results for the March mocks.
I’d like to take this opportunity to praise Year 11 for the maturity with which they conducted themselves on the day and I hope that this experience gave them a flavour of what to expect in August. They must now use their mock examination results to address errors, misconceptions and weaker areas through their revision so that they can feel ready for the March mock examinations which will commence 11th March 2019.

Miss Timoney, Raising Standards Leader KS4