SatelLife Competition

Isla Richards 01

16 year old Cottesloe student Isla Richards is one of nine young entrepreneurs to win a prize for innovative ideas on how to use satellite data to improve life on Earth. Isla presented her Medical Satellite Programme suggestion at the competition run by UK Space Agency. Isla explains her winning idea "many people wear heart monitors and activity trackers. These present an opportunity to catch someone who is in ‘peri-arrest’ (the stage before a cardiac arrest) and get help to them by utilising the GPS tracker in their device. Current survival rates for someone having a cardiac arrest not in hospital is 8.6%. This would be dramatically increased if the emergency services were able to reach an at-risk person before the attack happened". 
Isla is in Year 11 and currently working hard studying for GCSE's, and after her exams has the opportunity to present her winning entry at the National Space Conference along with a visit to the UK Space Agency at the Harwell Science Park. This will give her the chance to meet with 'Dragons' from the Space World who may well offer her sponsorship, work experience opportunities or potentially funding for School Science Enterprise.

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