Year 11 Mock Results

Year 11 students have today received the results of their GCSE mock examinations taken in December 2015. Today simulated the actual experience that students will have when they collect their final GCSE results in August. The tension, nervous energy and excitement in the school hall before students opened their envelopes was palpable!

The day provided our students with the latest marker of where they are now and how they are progressing towards their actual GCSE outcomes. It was an opportunity to reflect on and to celebrate students' progress made towards achieving and exceeding their targets at this key point in their journey. Mock examinations are very important; they provide our students with the opportunity to practise revision strategies and techniques, and highlight areas that they need to focus on in order to further improve. The information yielded from analysis of the question papers helps to inform teachers' planning, and is used to develop targeted intervention and revision from January to the next mock examinations in March. For both students and teachers, it provides clarity about the next steps forward. This information, together with students' reports (issued this week) will be further discussed with parents at Consultation Evening on 14 January.
Many students were pleased to see that they are on track to do extremely well and others were a little disappointed that they had not achieved their target grades. As a school, we have been impressed by the efforts and 'can do' attitude of our Year 11 students. Their aspirations are high. For those students who have had a bit of a wake–up call today, what is important is how they respond going forward and the action they take to improve. It is important that students reflect on why they got the results they did, and rather than work harder, they use their time wisely to focus on areas of insecurity identified in the mocks.
The Senior Leadership Team and many other subject teachers spent the time reflecting on and discussing results with students, and the Sixth Form team were on hand to discuss the post–16 choices students could make with mock results and how they impact on entry into the Sixth Form.
The day had a big impact on our students. There was joy, tears and determination and an honest about next steps. Students will receive their exam papers back this week. They should now devise their revision programmes for the March mock examinations to particularly focus on areas in need of improvement.

The Mock Results' Day has marked the starting point for the final approach to the Summer examinations. We now need to build on students' success in order to further raise attainment and improve student progress at The School.

J. Lynam, Assistant Headteacher, Raising Standards Leader.