Year 9 and 10 Revision Workshop

Over April and May Year 9 and Year 10 students attended a revision workshop. The aim of the workshop was to teach students a range of strategies for improving the quality of their revision in the lead-up to their May and June mock exams.
Students were introduced to many revision strategies for boosting the power of their memories and were shown ways in which to make revision: active, varied and easily recalled. Furthermore, students were also reminded of the best times and ways in which to revise so that revision is as purposeful as possible. I particularly stressed to students the importance of sleep and nutrition in the lead-up to exams.
Students engaged enthusiastically in the workshops and many have since told me that they found the workshops helpful and now have practical ways in which to approach revision. I’m hopeful that this is a skill that we can support students in developing as they draw nearer to GCSE examinations.

Please note: the PowerPoint used in the workshop can be accessed on the link below and a ‘Revision Tips’ booklet put together by the subject teachers is also available.

Mrs L Timoney
Achievement Leader

Revision Workshop PowerPoint
Revision Booklet