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It is a privilege to be the Headteacher of The Cottesloe School and my staff and I are fully committed to maximising the life chances of all of our students by creating a rich, deep, vibrant and challenging learning experience for everyone. Our students benefit from highly- qualified and exceptionally committed staff who recognise the importance of creative and challenging teaching, strong pastoral care and have high professional standards.

Prepare, Aspire, Succeed is borne out of a simple philosophy of what I believe is the purpose of education. Prepare, Aspire, Succeed is what we do – it is what defines us as a school. I believe it encapsulates all that is unique and strong about The Cottesloe School.


"The headteacher and senior leadership team are passionate about improving the school and have successfully ensured a culture of continual improvement."

We have high aspirations for our students by promoting academic challenge and rigor. We place great emphasis on developing the necessary qualities both inside and outside the classroom that breed success so they can reach the outcomes and destinations to which they aspire. This ‘character’ is centred around our ‘Healthy Relationships’ and ‘6Cs’ agendas. We expect all members of the school community to show respect, honesty and take responsibility for accessing the opportunities the school provides. Inside and outside the classroom, teachers actively plan learning experiences that promote challenge, creativity, critical thinking, co-operation, collaboration and coaching.


Our curriculum has been carefully designed to:

  • Provide in-class and wider curriculum opportunities which match learners’ needs, aspirations and capabilities and build upon prior attainment and experience
  • Ensure it is progressive, deep and knowledge rich whilst maintaining balance and breadth for all learners
  • Work in partnership with parents and other educational providers to offer a curriculum and additional experiences that provide diversity and a personalised learning approach
  • Allow all students to achieve national accreditation at the highest grades in all subjects

The ‘Cottesloe Learning Journey’ combines learning both from and about the world in which students live and has clear milestones of achievement and expectations for each learner.

Teaching and

Students are taught by highly qualified and professional teachers who have a passion for their subjects. We encourage aspirations of excellence in the academic achievements of our students by promoting consistently high expectations in both teachers and students. Teachers plan and organise lessons and activities that promote positive engagement in learning, removing any potential barriers to learning.

Our “6Cs” are the foundation for all learning: we encourage students to be resilient by facing challenge;to be  creative and critical thinkers and learn from and with others through collaboration, cooperation and coaching. The school is a vibrant and exciting learning environment that focuses on providing a variety of learning experiences that cater for the individual needs of all learners. The school constantly searches for ways to use new technology to enable us to enhance and support students’ learning.



At The Cottesloe School, we view ‘character’ as students developing the necessary personal qualities and learning habits to be successful.

Personal qualities define how we act and we expect our students to strive for excellence and to take increasing responsibility for their own development. We insist on honesty and respect towards others. We promote equality, democracy and empathy. We encourage tolerance and promote and celebrate our difference. Success is focused around taking the opportunities the school and wider community provides to better ourselves. 

Trips and wider learning opportunities such as The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, World Challenge expeditions, student leadership and volunteering provide invaluable experiences for students to become well educated and active citizens.


"Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school,  ‘We applaud the school for everything they are doing to give the pupils a great start to life’ ‘We could not be happier with the level of support and teaching"

Health and

We are proud of the comprehensive pastoral care, guidance and support which we provide for all our students. We believe that the welfare of each individual is important, for it is only when a student feels safe, secure and happy in their environment that he or she can develop all of their skills and talents to the full.

We have a strong reputation for safeguarding and staff and student wellbeing. All members of the school community have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to our culture of vigilance. We employ dedicated wellbeing officers, based in our new TEAM HUB, to support both small group and individual sessions to overcome issues such as anxiety, self-esteem and exam worries. We have strong links with local mental health professionals at CAMHS.

We have a number of trained counsellors on site every day to support the emotional wellbeing of our students.


Good career guidance is critical if young people are to raise their aspirations and capitalise on the opportunities available to them. Every young person needs high-quality career guidance to make informed decisions about their future.

The Cottesloe School has been a successful partner school in establishing a new Skills Hub in Aylesbury. The aim of the Skills Hub is to promote and optimise links between employers and educators, in order to enable young people to become more work ready through greater employer involvement and to ensure they have the right skills for the local growth sectors. The Hub support our annual Careers Fair that sees every member of the school getting a chance to meet both local and national employers to explore possible routes into employments and training.

All students in Year 10 get to complete a 2 weeks Work Experience and further opportunities for work shadowing occur in the Sixth Form.


"Pupils are proud to belong to the school. They are courteous, unfailingly polite and respectful. Staff model their expectations well and pupils rise to the challenge. Pupils are very appreciative of the care and support their teachers and other staff provide"