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Safeguarding Wellbeing Ambassadors

On 2nd October 2019 we began a new support programme, in conjunction with Mind UK, that involves 19 students from Years 12 and 13. Mind UK came to The Cottesloe School and delivered a full day of training to our student volunteers in order to initiate Mind UK’s ‘Peer to Peer’ Mentor scheme within school.

The Mind UK initiative, along with our newly refurbished student support centre, TEAM Hub, adds an extra layer of support to our students. Students now have the opportunity to speak to our Sixth Form ‘Wellbeing Ambassadors’ in addition to staff at school.

Mind UK introduced this programme as it has been proven that some students feel more comfortable discussing concerns and problems with someone nearer their own age. 

The Wellbeing Ambasadors will be accessible to students in TEAM Hub on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtime, where a drop in service is available. 

For some students, 1:1 sessions may be more suitable.  This will be managed by Mrs Brimmell, in consultation with the Head of Years.