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Sixth Form Head Students

Head Student

Tallulah Couper

Hello, my name is Tallulah Couper and I am so excited to be one of this year's head students! The subjects that I study are English Literature, History and Ethics and Philosophy as well as completing 2 AS levels in Core Maths and an EPQ last year. When I finish the sixth form I would love to go to university to study law and pursue a career as a Barrister. I really look forward to enacting positive change around the school, representing the sixth form and hope to make a real difference to benefit my peers whether this is in regards to mental or academic wellbeing.

Louis Blinkhorn

Hi, I’m Louis and I am really pleased to be one of the head students this year at The Cottesloe school. I am now in my second year of A-Levels studying DT, psychology and geography. In the future, I hope to have the opportunity to study design at university and I wish to pursue a career of the same nature. I have been part of the Cottesloe community since beginning in year 7 and have made some fantastic relationships with both my fellow schoolmates and the teachers that have guided me along my journey into becoming the person I am today. They say your school years are the best years of your life and Cottesloe has lived up to that.

Charlotte Thorne

Hi, my name is Charlotte Thorne and I am one of the Head Students for The Cottesloe school during my second year of A-Levels. I am currently studying Maths, Physics and Ggeography at A-Level and after Sixth form, I aspire to become an accountant but I first wish to get a degree in mathematics. During my time as Head Student, I plan to create a positive and comfortable environment in which all students feel welcome and support for their journey at The Cottesloe school. I also hope I am an approachable person for students to come to with any issues or worries they may have to help improve their experience.

Harry Phillips

Hi, I am Harry Phillips and I will be one of the head students this year at the Cottesloe School. Currently, I am studying Business, Finance and Sport. Also in Year 12, I took an AS Level in core maths. After Sixth form, I hope to secure an apprenticeship in the business industry or financial sector. Whilst I am a head student I hope to improve school life for all students by solving issues within the school environment to make it more positive and supportive.