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Sixth Form Sixth Form Dress Code

First and foremost, we believe that Sixth Formers should represent role models to other members of the school student body and this includes the way they present themselves. We also feel that the way that students dress should reflect their attitude to their studies. Dressing formally sets them up each morning to engage fully in the work process. Finally, it reduces any confusion regarding what does and does not represent acceptable attire.  Details of the Dress Code are listed below.

Details of the Dress Code are listed below.

Option 1

  • Collared shirts with a tie (Jacket optional)
  • V neck jumper (not round neck), cardigan or waistcoat (optional). No sweatshirts.
  • Smart shoes/boots only (e.g. brogues, ankle boots, desert boots, Doc Marten shoes - no Timberland type boot)

Option 2

  • Tailored trousers, (jacket optional), skirt or dress (skirts and dresses must be an appropriate length and style for school as deemed by the Head of Sixth Form)
  • Formal top, blouse or shirt (no midriff or shoulders visible) no slogans/images/large logos, no polo shirts or t-shirts
  • Formal jumper, cardigan or waistcoat (optional). No sweatshirts.
  • Smart shoes/boots only (e.g. brogues, flat pumps, ankle boots, desert boots, Doc Martens - no Timberland boots)

Additional points:



  • denim
  • cargos
  • leather/faux leather trousers
  • tracksuit bottoms/joggers
  • gym wear
  • ripped clothing/revealing clothing
  • no excessive or large logos/branding to be worn on any clothing
  • heavy patterns 
  • Any clothing deemed inappropriate


  • Hairstyles should be sensibly styled and not distracting in any way and should not be dyed excessively bright colours
  • Piercings should be subtle 


Students that choose to attend The Cottesloe Sixth Form automatically agree to comply with the dress code above. Should a student not adhere to the dress code, the following consequences will be put in place. 

Sixth Form tutors will check the dress code on a daily basis.

  1. First offence - informal student warning to rectify - not logged.

  2. Second offence - agreed time with your tutor to rectify dress code issue and this is logged on Go4Schools. Students will be given one week to sort the issue.

  3. Third offence - tutor to contact parents and this is logged. Parents made aware of the situation - tutors refer back to the dress code document above.

  4. Continuous non-adherence to the dress code - social and study time becomes directed time until the parent/guardian meeting takes place. Parent/guardian meeting with Head of Sixth Form and SLT link/Headteacher.

  5. Persistent failure following the meeting will lead to all social and study time becoming directed time until the student adheres to the code.

If you have any questions please contact the Sixth Form Office.