Head of Department - Mr Curtis

Extra Curricular Activities Autumn 2019 (Sept-Oct half term)

Physical Education at The Cottesloe School
In an educational environment that seemingly prizes academic achievement above all else what role does physical education and school sport have in the 21st century curriculum? What emphasis is placed on it in schools and how important is it in a child’s education?
At The Cottesloe School the value of high quality physical education and school sport is understood and its link to sustained academic achievement through enhanced self-esteem, physical, social and cognitive development embedded within the school.

Key Stage 3
Across Key Stage 3 students continue their physical development by accessing a range of activities through dedicated curriculum time of 2 hours per week and an extensive extra-curricular programme. Students are encouraged to lead healthy, active lives and develop their understanding of the long term benefits of being physically active. This is principally achieved through developing their confidence and interest in sport and subsequent involvement in exercise, sports and activities in and out of school.
Students at Cottesloe are able to develop their skills and techniques, tactics and strategies to improve their performance through individual and team games like Rugby or Badminton. Other competitive sports requiring them to work for sustained periods of time, like athletics encourage them to push themselves too and beyond their limits whilst dance and gymnastics develop creativity and aesthetic appreciation. Participation in outdoor and adventurous activities pose intellectual and physical challenge; building character, leadership qualities and the ability to think and work as part of a team.
Through their access to competitive sporting opportunities and challenges students are required to constantly analyse their performance in order to improve and achieve their best. Through failures and success they learn to win and lose, embed values such as fairness, resilience and respect, develop independence and enjoyment.

Key Stage 4
At Key Stage 4 students embed the skills learnt in KS3 in order to excel in competitive sport. They are involved in a range of activities that further promotes an active, healthy lifestyle and personal fitness laying the foundations for life long participation.
Students will continue to follow a broad and balanced curriculum providing the opportunity to develop a variety of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents and requiring them to evaluate their performance in more complex and demanding activities in order to improve.
In addition to their curriculum time students have the opportunity to study GCSE PE and complete a UK Sports Leaders Level 2 course. The GCSE course, comprising 3 hours per week takes a scientific look at the anatomy and physiology of the human body and how it adapts to the physical demands placed upon it. Students are assessed at the end of the 2 year course in 2 exams and plan, perform and evaluate a personal exercise programme to improve their performance in a chosen activity.

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