Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 GCSE Dance
Schemes of Work Year 10 2016-2017

Year 10

Component 1

Component 2



Autumn 1

Performance in a Group


Choreography of a solo using Holocaust Images


Christopher Bruce

Components of Dance; Performance and Choreographic skills

Performance skills and choreographic technique through practice.

KAT: Shadows

PAT: Solo choreography

Autumn 2

Group Choreography using an object linked to Christmas


Artificial Things

Lucy Bennett

Improvising, creating motif.  Selecting and refining material

Improving technical and expressive Ability


KAT: Artificial Things

PAT: Group choreography task

Spring 1

Performance in a trio Motif Development

Emancipation of Expression

Appreciation - Motif and development/Timing and sensitivity to other dancers

KAT: Emancipation of Expression

PAT: Performance of 2 set phrases

Spring 2

Performance in a duo

Choreographic approaches

Solo choreography in collaboration with a composer from a poem.


Selecting ideas and improvising/developing electing suitable material

KAT: Infra


Summer 1

Performance Skills

A Linha Curva

Solo choreography

Response to accompaniment/

Structure, intention, role of dancers

KAT: A Linha Curva


Summer 2

Performance in a duo

Group choreography based on a journey on public transport.

Within Her Eyes

Site Specific Work


KAT: Within her Eyes

PAT: Performance in a Duo

Key Stage 4 GCSE Drama

Schemes of Work Year 10 2016-2017

Year 10

Component 1
Understanding Drama

Component 2
Devising Drama

Component 3
Texts in Practice


Autumn 1





Revision of keywords in knowledge and understanding section of the spec.

The Prisioner

Revision of Theatrical Skills that can be used in devised drama

Inclusion of text extracts from different genres and styles

KAT on theatrical Skills

PAT on a piece of devised drama themed on ‘The Prisoner’ including a journal of how it was created.

Autumn 2

Study of The Woman in Black


Exploration of Stanislavski and method acting.

Analysis of features of this live performance.

KAT on performance skills and key words from K and U and how they apply to WIB.

PAT presenting 2 extracts from WIB as a live performance.

Spring 1

Revision of audience responses and how these can be achieved

Devised Drama on The Resurrection

Use of texts as stimuli to develop thinking

KAT Journal

PAT Performance of The Resurrection

Spring 2

Study of The Crucible

Use of appropriate practitioners to explore it

Analysis of ways of realising this text.

KAT on The Crucible including performance skills

PAT presenting 2 extracts from this text in groups

Summer 1

Answering multiple choice questions

Exploration of appropriate practitioners eg) Berkoff, Brecht, Max SC, etc

A series of script extracts used as workshops according to specific strategies of practitioners.

KAT of Practioners and styles

PAT performance of a text in a given practitioner’s style

Summer 2

Revision of the keywords again the texts selected.

Selection of 1 practitioner for each selected text to rehearse in.

Texts selected for a Component 3 mock at the summer showcase.  2 extracts to be presented.

KAT mock exam paper.

PAT presenting 2 extracts of text as a live performance.


Key Stage 4 GCSE Music
Schemes of Work Year 10 2016-2017

Year 10

Component 1

Component 2

Component 3


Autumn 1



 Solo Performance on chosen instrument

Composition brief of either composing a piece for film or a song from a show.

Study of Music for Stage and Screen

KAT: John Williams

KAT: Wicked

PAT: Solo performance

Autumn 2

Christmas Ensemble Performance


Vocal Music performance as a class

Setting lyrics.

Writing an accompaniment.

Writing a song for a show.

Study of Vocal Music

KAT: Killer Queen

KAT: Music for a While

PAT: Song composition

Spring 1

Solo performance – a Classical piece?

Classical composition skills; chords, harmony, melody, cadence, structure

JS Bach

KAT: Brandenburg

PAT: Solo Performance

Spring 2

Ensemble Performance

Classical composition creation

(Collaborate with dance?)

L van Beethoven

KAT: Pathetique

PAT: Composition Assessment

Summer 1

Ensemble performance of a samba piece

(Perform with dance)

Rhythmic, devices and cross rhythm


KAT: Esperanza

PAT: Performance of 2 set phrases

Summer 2

Solo and or Ensemble Performance for Summer showcase

Free Composition research and development of ideas.

Afro Celt Sound System

KAT: Release

PAT: Showcase performances