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Careers Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience

We are in competition with all the schools in Aylesbury and Milton Keynes to secure the best placements. Don’t delay. Work Experience application forms are now available to download. See guidance notes to help complete the form.

What's with Work Experience?

Work Experience is a vital part of a rounded education. Let’s face it the whole reason we go to school is to become a fully functioning, positive member of society, and that in simple terms means becoming part of the work force; to pay taxes, to spend your disposable income and to do this for as long as possible. The technicalities of this are explained in this document. All things being equal you are more likely to continue to be member of the work force and therefore contribute to social cohesion, if you are happy at work. So finding the right job is really important and work experience can help you do that. To help you find out what works for you all Year 10 students are strongly advised to take up a two week work experience programme during the final part of the summer term.

So Why do Work Experience?

As I stated earlier I think work experience is one of the most valuable projects a student can undertake, so long as the placement is well thought through, and not just a two week holiday. Why? Well it helps you to network and this is key aspect of job hunting, it is not uncommon for a student to be offered an apprenticeship on the back of a successful work experience.  It can also confirm that your choice of career is sound or alternatively, if the placement doesn’t go well, force you to reassess your options.
When applying for work, apprenticeships, college, sixth form or university your chance of acceptance is increased significantly if you have relevant work experience on your CV and personal statement. Most good nursing courses for example will expect a minimum of six weeks experience in public services as entry criteria, most of which would probably be voluntary. So you can get two of those weeks out of the way in Year 10.
The whole process of finding work, applying for work. Filling in forms and perhaps even being interviewed is an essential life skill, as indeed is the resilience you acquire by applying for work, being unsuccessful and having to try again; and again if necessary. Finding work is competitive and this is a good time to find this out for yourself.
And yes, providing work experience is a statutory requirement for all schools: you have to do it, we have to enable it.
So, get into the right frame of mind, start thinking like a job seeker, engage with startprofile, download the work experience application form, check the recommended placements list, make some calls, be prepared to be disappointed, keep trying and find a placement that will really help you in the future.

Clive Matcham
QCF Dip. Careers Guidance. RCDP