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KS3 Choices

KS3 Choices within The Cottesloe School Curriculum

A robust, broad and rigorous core curriculum, enriched with additional personalisation that is progressive, deep and knowledge-rich, developing skills to create well-rounded, resilient, confident young adults

Our curriculum offer is closely aligned with the school’s mission statement and vision of Prepare, Aspire, Succeed; supporting the ‘Cottesloe Journey’ that combines learning about and from the world we live in, where students experience a sense of fulfilment through educational and personal achievement.

Main Presentation with Mrs Baldwin | Head of School (Video)

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What is the KS3 Year 9 Choices process?

In Year 8, students are offered a number of choices for their Year 9 Programme of Study, alongside a suite of core subjects. Year 8 students can make three choices about their learning in Year 9 from a range of subjects within the Creative Arts, Technology, and an Enrichment choice such as Business Studies.  Although Year 8 students make these choices about their learning in Year 9,  Year 9 is part of KS3 rather than KS4. This means that whilst these choices will influence decisions for KS4, there is still some opportunity to make changes, before choosing GCSE options in Year 9.

This process has two key aims:

  • To enable students to begin to specialise in some areas of the curriculum that they enjoy or are particularly successful in.
  • To provide a ‘practice run’ at the GCSE options process. The Options process takes place midway through Year 9.

We believe the KS3 Year 9 choices process is a key point in a student’s secondary education. The process allows students to begin to take ownership of their learning. We are also aware that not every student will get things right the first time; therefore students who feel they have made a mistake, or who change their mind as they move through Year 9 will be supported to transfer their choices to more appropriate subjects. We are all allowed to make mistakes!

We believe that Key Stage 3 is a crucial stage in a student’s education; it provides an opportunity to develop deep and powerful knowledge in a wide range of subject areas which, in many cases, will not have been studied as discrete subjects at primary school. Cutting KS3 short can stifle these opportunities and the love of learning new things.

Our Key Stage 3 programmes of study are designed to develop a rich and diverse knowledge base from which to form coherent viewpoints and arguments, to develop an understanding of ever-more complex subject matter; to provide opportunities to experience cultural, educational and sporting experiences both inside the classroom and beyond; and to develop a love of learning which will become embedded into our students’ approaches to education at Key Stage 4 and beyond. Ultimately, we want students to progress from Key Stage 3 with self-confidence, be excited about their education, and develop resilience, independence, and great aspiration for the future.

Virtual Choices Evening Tuesday 20th February 2024

Virtual Parents Evening Tuesday 27th February 2024

Choices must be submitted by Monday 18th March 2024 via Google Form 

Year 9 Choices Booklet

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Key Dates

Virtual Choices Evening Tuesday 20th February 2024

Virtual Parents Evening Tuesday 27th February 2024

Choices must be submitted by Monday 18th March 2024 via Google Form