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Subject Sociology

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When studying Sociology at The Cottesloe School Sixth Form, students are encouraged to engage with complex questions concerning how society works and provide insights into the relationship between societal institutions and their influence on people. We encourage students to ask questions such as ‘ What might be the causes in increase in crime rates amongst disadvantaged young people?’ or ‘how might gender be considered a social construct?’. By exploring avenues of enquiry such as these, our Sociology students begin to question the very fabric of their understanding- the norms and values that they have been accustomed to, and aim to dig deeper and question the causes of human and societal behaviours. Students often complete the two year course having fostered an inclusive and global way of thinking, encompassing an enquiring mind that seeks explanations of the origins of ‘everyday life.’ Through the study of research methods, students will also explore how sociologists create theories and collect empirical data regarding social phenomenon. 


Using the 6Cs and the Healthy Relationship wheel adopted by the school, we promote an ethos of inclusive social, cultural and global learning. We aim to foster an environment where young adults are able to shape their own worldview and engage critically with the ways that sociologists make sense of the world around us, in a supportive and nurturing environment. Students develop culture and character through their engagement in A-Level Sociology at The Cottesloe School, equipping themselves with skills they need to be considerate and conscientious members of the local and global community, whilst also developing their own strong sense of self, as they continue to grow. A-Level Sociology provides students with an invaluable pedagogy, encouraging them to understand how other people’s experience is shaped by societal institutions and personal experience.