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About Us Policies

6th Form Admissions Policy 202007/10/2019 6th Form Admissions Policy 202128/02/2020 Anti Bullying Policy16/11/2023 Anti-Bullying Policy (see Safeguarding Policies)16/11/2023 Anti-Harrassment at Work for Schools05/09/2019 Assessment and Feedback Policy22/06/2023 Attendance Policy for Students17/01/2023 Behaviour for Learning Policy18/12/2023 Behaviour Principles Statement01/07/2021 Candidate Information Procedure16/11/2023 Capability for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff05/09/2019 Careers Policy01/12/2020 CCTV Policy (currently under review)07/06/2023 Charging and Remissions Policy 18/01/2023 Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (Exams)16/11/2023 Children with Health Needs who Cannot Attend School13/12/2023 Code of Conduct for Schools05/09/2019 Collective worship policy30/09/2019 Complaints & Resolutions Policy for Schools16/11/2023 Complaints Policy (Exams)16/11/2023 Computer Resources Policy Staff and Students (currently under review)07/06/2023 Confidentiality Policy (currently under review)07/06/2023 Conflicts of Interest Policy (Exams)16/11/2023 Counselling Policy27/11/2020 Curriculum Policy18/01/2024 Data Protection Policy (currently under review)07/06/2023 Data Protection Policy (Exams)16/11/2023 Display Screen Equipment05/09/2019 Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions05/09/2019 E-Safety Policy (currently under review)07/06/2023 Early Career Teacher Training22/06/2023 Educational Visits05/09/2019 Emergency Evacuation Policy (Exams)16/11/2023 Equalities Policy (Exams)16/11/2023 Equality, Diversity and Community Cohesion Policy (currently under review)03/05/2024 Equality, Diversity and Community Cohesion Policy - Target Updates02/05/2024 Escalation Process16/11/2023 Exam Contingency Plan16/11/2023 Exams Policy16/11/2023 First Aid Policy13/12/2023 Flexible Working05/09/2019 Freedom of Information Publication Scheme (currently under review)07/06/2023 Grievance05/09/2019 Health and Attendance for Staff05/09/2019 Health and Safety18/01/2023 Home School Agreement05/09/2019 Homework Policy19/11/2019 In Year Application form30/09/2019 Initial Teacher Training05/09/2019 Internal Appeals Procedure (internal assessment decisions)16/11/2023 Internal Appeals Procedure (reviews of results and appeals)16/11/2023 Keeping Children Safe in Education 202316/11/2023 Leave of Absence for Staff05/09/2019 Letting and Hiring Policy18/01/2023 Lockdown procedure24/02/2020 Looked After Children and Previously Looked After Children Policy16/11/2023 Looked After Children and Previously Looked After Children Policy (see Safeguarding Policies)16/11/2023 Main School Admissions Policy 202007/10/2019 Main School Admissions Policy 202128/02/2020 Malpractice Policy (Exams)16/11/2023 Mobile Phone Policy28/11/2023 Non-Examination Assessment Policy16/11/2023 Pay Policy for Schools05/09/2019 Performance Management for Teaching and Support Staff05/09/2019 Peripatetic Music Tuition Policy07/01/2020 Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation16/11/2023 Privacy notice -pupils30/09/2019 Procedures for dealing with allegations against staff23/11/2023 PSHCE Policy22/06/2023 Pupil Premium Policy (currently under review)05/12/2023 Records Retention policy30/09/2019 Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy22/09/2021 Redundancy05/09/2019 Register of Business Interests for Governors and Staff05/09/2019 Relationships and Sex Education Policy 01/07/2021 Reorganisation05/09/2019 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy16/11/2023 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (see Safeguarding Policies)07/06/2023 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy guidance documents07/12/2021 Safer Management of Boiler Plant Rooms inc asbestos05/09/2019 Safer Recruitment Policy01/05/2024 School Uniform Policy28/02/2022 SEND Accessibility Plan20/03/2024 SEND Policy16/11/2023 Special Consideration Policy16/11/2023 Staff Conduct and Discipline05/09/2019 Student Search Policy22/06/2023 Subject Access Requests Policy (currently under review)11/07/2023 Supporting Students with Medical Conditions03/07/2023 Teaching for Learning Policy (currently under review)07/06/2023 Whistleblowing Policy (Exams)16/11/2023 Whistleblowing Policy for Schools05/09/2019 Word Processor Policy (Exams)16/11/2023