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Curriculum Wider Curriculum Opportunities


Why wider curriculum opportunities? 

Wider curriculum opportunities are any activity or learning opportunity that takes place outside normal school lessons. Research has shown that where students regularly participate in these wider learning activities, attainment of the subjects they study at KS3 and KS4 improves. Participation in a wider curriculum activity also has a positive influence on attitude to learning, personal wellbeing and impacts on attendance at school.

What do we do at The Cottesloe School?

The Cottesloe School's clubs’ aim is to offer students a wide range of opportunities from sporting activities, representing the school in a sports team or as part of the performing arts department clubs, alongside Character, Healthy Relationship and 6Cs aligned hobby clubs as well as a quiet space in the Library to complete homework or work on independent projects. These activities are provided to help students enhance their learning of curriculum areas, to support the study that takes place or to provide new activities that they have never tried before. It’s not compulsory, but we hope that all students will find something that’s for them.

How does it work?

  • Any student wishing to be on site after 3 pm must be attending a supervised session. Due to health and safety restrictions, it is not possible for students to remain in school unsupervised. There are no unsupervised areas of the school open to students after 3pm each day.
  • All students are expected to be off the school site by 4:15pm each evening, and as soon after the end of their club or activity as possible.
  • Students commit to attending a club each week. They need to tell the club leader before the session if they are unable to attend.

Sports Clubs

These clubs are not only for students wishing to be considered for school team selection but also for students who would like to improve their fitness, develop their skills and enjoy some physical activity with their peers. The PE department will be happy to help with queries about any Sports Club.

  • All Sports Clubs take place in the Sports Hall unless stated on the timetable. 
  • Kit – usual PE kit, or appropriate activewear, correct footwear (boots for football and rugby) and additional safety equipment (e.g. gum shield for rugby)
  • If a student is selected for a school sports team, information is posted on the team board outside the PE office in E Block.
  • Students are responsible for informing their parents of the details of fixtures including timings and arranging to be collected afterwards.
  • Some Sports Clubs run at lunchtime to ensure participation rates are high. Because a large number of our students travel by bus, they've not been able to attend clubs after school. In winter, many after-school sports clubs have been cancelled previously due to lack of light and poor weather. 

What to do if you want go to a lunchtime sports club:

  1. Bring a packed lunch on the day of your club - eat this at the end of lunch

  2. Eat well at break time so you've got the energy to participate

  3. Get changed promptly at the start of lunchtime

  4. You may wear your PE kit to period 5 if you would like so you're not late to learning because of getting changed after the club

Performing Arts Clubs 

Drama, Dance, Orchestra, Choir, Techie Crew, Ignite.. whichever aspect of Performing Arts you have an interest in, there is a club for you. There are evening performances held every term to showcase the wide range of talents our students have, on stage and behind the scenes. Events have been limited due to Covid - in Autumn 2019 we witnessed incredible performances in Beauty and the Beast and the annual Christmas Concert. We have great plans for whole school productions this academic year!

Character and Healthy Relationships Hobby Clubs 

These are an ever-expanding group of clubs that are linked to the development of Healthy Relationships and Character. For example, we have Gardening Club held at lunchtime, all year groups and anyone interested in helping develop part of the school grounds into a sensory wellbeing garden space are welcome, no gardening skills required! 

Homework Space 

The Library is open to all students after school until 4:15 pm. Students can complete homework, use the laptops to complete independent learning or sit and read. Please note this session is an academic study session so noise and communication will be kept to a minimum.

Revision and Intervention 

At different times of the year, individual departments may offer revision sessions or a programme of intervention to prepare students for exams or support with the completion of practical coursework for example in Art or DT. When relevant, students and parents will be informed via letter about these opportunities.


We must have parental consent to attend external school visits.  Please fill in this form