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Parents School Closures

School Closure Due to Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather, especially heavy snow, we will conduct a risk assessment of the safety of the school site, follow advice from Buckinghamshire Council and after considering the plans of the bus companies who provide transport for our students, before making any decision to close the school for the day.

We always hope to avoid that scenario but the health and safety of our students and staff must be weighed against any inconvenience caused by the closure. 

Severe Weather Conditions Before Departure for School (for example, heavy snowfall overnight) 

Many of our students and staff travel on country roads and/or live some distance from school. Safety will always be the first consideration. If a decision is taken to close the school due to severe weather, an announcement will be posted on the school website before 7am on the morning of the closure. We will also share via our Facebook and Instagram social media accounts. Please consult the school website or social media in the first instance to avoid high volumes of telephone enquiries.

Details of the closure of all Buckinghamshire schools can be found here:

Details of any changes to transport can be found here:

Severe or Deteriorating Weather Conditions During the Day (i.e. after students have arrived at school)

With our students’ safety in mind, we will keep a constant check on road condition reports and weather forecasts. If conditions worsen during the day or if bus operators advise on an earlier departure, we will work with the bus companies to enable students to begin their journey home earlier where at all possible. We would also request parents/carers who bring their children to and from school by car, to collect them earlier in the day. Should a decision be made to close school early, we will update our website, and social media accounts and contact families via ParentPay. 

Remote Learning Procedures if School is Closed Due to Severe Weather 

  • The usual timetable for that day of week 1/week 2 will be followed
  • Teachers will set work on the group’s usual Google Classroom, for each lesson of the day
  • Students should log into their Google Classrooms at the start of each lesson, and undertake the learning 
  • Each lesson’s work will be scheduled before the usual lesson time

There is no expectation for teachers to deliver live lessons during short-term severe weather closures; many teachers will be juggling their own children at home if their schools are closed at the same time as setting work for their classes. Where a closure is anticipated to be longer than one or two days, alternative learning guidance will be issued.