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Uniform and Equipment

Dear Parents,

We have tried hard to make the purchase of school uniform as straightforward as possible. We stock all the essential and most optional items at very reasonable prices and, of course, by buying through the school you do not have the worry that an item of clothing may not conform to the uniform regulations. Of course, you can choose to shop elsewhere but do please check that the garment does conform to this way. We also offer a range of school equipment and books.

We recognise that for many parents, school transfer is an expensive undertaking but for some, it can cause real financial hardship. In such cases please contact the school to discuss the situation.

As a school, we take very seriously the issue of students arriving at school in the correct uniform and with the appropriate equipment. Please help us maintain high standards in these areas. Thank you in advance for your support.

Mr S Jones


Uniform Policy (PDF)


How to order

Orders will only be processed with payment in full via ParentPay or via the online shop.

Collection times are Monday to Friday | 8am to 4pm (term-time only). 

If you have any queries please email

Uniform Years 7 to 11

Regulation items of badged uniforms such as blazers are purchased from the school shop. It is possible for parents to purchase blazers from other sources but they must match the colour and design of the school blazers. All blazers need to have the school badge stitched on the top left-hand side breast pocket, the school badge can be purchased from the school shop.

  • Black blazer with The Cottesloe School badge
  • Plain white school shirt with a stiff v-shaped collar which is tucked in. (from uniform suppliers or retail stores). Can be short or long-sleeved. No polo shirts.
  • Black V-neck jumper Optional (worn with, not instead of, the blazer).
  • The Cottesloe School tie.
  • Black trousers or skirts (from uniform suppliers or approved styles from retail stores). No jeans style or skinny style.
  • Plain black socks, black or flesh-coloured tights
  • Black shoes (See examples). No canvas shoes or trainers/leisure style shoes.
  • Black outdoor coat No large logos.
  • Muslim students who wish to wear hijabs may do so provided that the fabric is plain, lightweight and blends in with the school uniform colours.

All uniform must be labelled. Please make sure that all garments are the correct size before naming them. All garments being returned for exchange or refund must be unmarked and unaltered so they can be resold.

Examples of acceptable uniform

Trousers | Please note that trousers must be black, full-length and tailored. The fit can be straight, slim or bootcut and fastened by a zip and/or button.

Skirts | Skirts must be black and either pleated or straight, the images below are acceptable.

Unacceptable Skirts | Skirts that are unacceptable include:

  • Skirts made from stretchy, lycra or T-shirt-style material
  • Excessively short skirts; skirts should be mid-thigh in length and should enable all students to undertake reasonable school activities
  • Tube skirts. 

Shoes | The uniform policy is plain black shoes, no canvas, trainers, boots or sandals. There are a number of alternatives that may seem acceptable according to different parties and therefore examples of what would be considered acceptable and not acceptable are given below


PE Kit

Essential PE Kit 

  • School games polo shirt with school logo available in School Shop
  • Black Cottesloe shorts with school logo available in School Shop
  • Black/gold long socks available in School Shop
  • Shin pads
  • Football boots
  • Running shoes/Trainers (not plimsolls)
  • Gum-shield available in School Shop

Optional all available in School Shop

  • Tracksuit bottoms/black leggings with school logo 
  • Rugby shirt short sleeves with school logo
  • Sweatshirt with school logo
  • School skort with school logo

Please make sure that all garments are the correct size before naming them. All garments being returned for exchange or refund must be unmarked and unaltered so they can be resold

Jewellery, Makeup and Hair | All Students

  • “Plain” is defined as being without embellishment i.e studs, additional zips, braiding, patterned, logos, etc.
  • Unnatural hair colouring is not permitted; the interpretation of “unnatural” is as follows: o a colour that is not found within the natural colour spectrum, i.e. a bright, extreme, or o vivid colour, or o a combination of colours that is easily visible or stark in contrast.
  • Extensions must also be in a colour that naturally blends with the hair.
  • One single stud in each ear is permitted; the stud must be worn in the lower part of the earlobe and should be removed for PE; students wearing studs in their ears other than in their lobes will be expected to remove them.
  • Jewellery (except a watch) is not permitted; however, if there are religious or family reasons for wearing an item of jewellery then permission must be sought from the Head of Year. Jewellery is the responsibility of the owner and is worn at the owner’s own risk.
  • Other visible body piercings are not permitted and the student will be expected to remove them.
  • Natural, subtle and basic make-up may be worn.
  • Clear nail varnish may be worn but fingernails must be short and nail extensions of any kind are not permitted.
  • No visible body art.
  • Baseball caps are not permitted unless approved by the Headteacher during extreme weather.
  • Students should not walk around with their coat hoods up unless the weather permits.
  • Top garments such as hoodies that go over the head are not permitted.
  • Belts if worn must be plain, black, leather or leather-look, buckles must be simple and plain. No branding or logos are allowed.
  • Students can remove their blazers during a lesson with the permission of a member of staff.

Preloved Uniform

If you have any uniform items that are no longer needed and that are in perfect condition then please donate them back to the school. We will accept any blazers, ties, trousers, skirts, blouses and shirts as well as any items of school PE kit. Please hand these items to reception. We also collect back any textbooks or revision guides that are in good condition.

If your child is a Pupil Premium child and you are experiencing difficulty in purchasing any items of school uniform then please contact us with any requests for assistance.

Stationery Equipment/Miscellaneous

Art Equipment