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Wearing PE kit to school during the summer exam season 202422/04/2024

The summer exam season starts in May! We want all our students taking KS4 and KS5 exams to have the very best experience during the exam period to allow them the opportunity to demonstrate their ability and achieve success. To ensure this can happen, we have taken the decision to close the PE changing rooms located by the old gym/canteen, which are very close to the spaces used for public exams. Students getting changed and moving between the changing room and their PE lesson create distracting noise for candidates completing their exams nearby. 


From Monday 29th April until the end of the Year 12 mock exams in July, when students are timetabled to have Athletics as part of their PE lessons and would get changed at the old gym changing rooms, they should come to school dressed in their PE kit.  On the days that students are timetabled for Cricket or Rounders, they should bring their PE kit with them and get changed as usual in the Sports Hub changing rooms. PE teachers will confirm with their groups which days are cricket/rounders and which days are athletics and therefore when PE kit should be worn to school. 


Do you have Athletics today? 

  • Wear your full TCS PE kit to school in the morning
  • Bring a spare pair of socks and shoes to change into in case the grass is wet (and a bag for the wet shoes)

Do you have Cricket or Rounders today?

  • Wear normal school uniform to school in the morning
  • Bring your PE kit to change into in the Sports Hub changing rooms as usual

As normal, when students come into school wearing PE kit, it be must their specific school PE kit. No other sports kit/item of clothing is permitted. As a reminder of the expectations regarding PE kit, please see the uniform section of the website:  


If students wish to wear an additional layer over or under their PE top, they can wear their TCS rugby shirt, TCS fleece or a thermal 'skin' top, or they may wear their usual school blazer and/or school coat over the top of their PE top. If they wear their coat, they will be expected to remove it during classroom-based lessons. No other tops are permitted. Hoodies or other non-TCS PE kit items of clothing must not be worn


In speaking to some Year 13 and 11 students about this, they are very appreciative of the support from the wider school community in recognising how important these exams are for them. Thank you very much for your support.  

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