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Candidate Exam Handbook

For the Candidate Exam Handbook 2022-2023 click on the image below

Exam Information 2023

Important Information for Year 11

We wanted to take the opportunity to send you this notification to relay some important timely messages for all of our Year 11 students.  Some of these are reminders of notifications that have already been shared with yourselves or with Year 11.

Summer Exams Preparation and Timetables

The Year 11 Summer exams series will commence on the 15 th May 2023 and run until the 21 st June 2023 (although some students will start and finish earlier due to their options choices). All students are required to be available to sit exams until after the final JCQ ‘Exam Contingency Day’ on 28 th June 2023.

Exam dates and times are set by JCQ and we cannot rearrange them if they are missed. Longer exams may be scheduled to finish after 3.00pm. If a post-3pm finish affects your child and they would normally access home-to-school transport, please make alternative arrangements for these days. Individual exam timetables have been shared with students this week during tutor time. If your child has not got theirs or misplaces it, they should speak with their form tutor in the first instance. The full Summer exam series timetable is here: ms%202023%20timetable(2).pdf

Year 11 Attendance

Year 11 lessons and timetables will continue to run throughout the Summer 1 term until Friday 26 th May 2023. If a Year 11 student does not have a scheduled exam, then they are required to be in their timetabled lesson. During this period, the school will continue to offer additional revision workshops and ‘masterclasses’ as well as timetabled lessons.

From Monday 5 th June 2023, Year 11 students are only required to be on the school site if they have a scheduled exam. From this point, a revised Year 11 timetable will be put in place to accommodate those students who are unable to source alternative transport and need to remain on site full time to access home-to-school transport. All parents/carers will be required to confirm the arrangements for their child nearer to the time.

Year 11 Independent Revision

As you are aware, the school has offered a coordinated and extensive timetable of additional support for the Year 11 cohort since January. This has included additional targeted interventions; open revision sessions; additional workshops running during form time/lunch time/after school. The school is currently reviewing all interventions and will continue to offer a wide-range of co-ordinated support next term. In addition, departments and individual teachers have continued to make supplementary materials available for independent learning/revision through the use of online resources (including Google Classroom; GCSEpod; SENECA; MyMaths, etc.). It should also be noted that the school wishes to recognise the increased burden that exam season places on Year 11 students and staff. As a result, we would encourage all Year 11 students to take the opportunity over the Easter holiday to prepare themselves for the physical, mental and emotional demands of the next term. This preparation should include some useful revision but also rest.

Wellbeing Check-ins

During the Summer term, Year 11 students will have access to a wellbeing check-in form on their tutor group Google Classroom. This is an opportunity for them to share with the pastoral team how they are feeling. It takes a matter of minutes to complete and can be completed several times throughout the week if students wish to. The responses from this form are then used by the extended pastoral team to offer support and guidance to individuals and to the year group as a whole. Please encourage your child to use this resource should they feel the need to.

Year 11 End of Year Celebrations

As we begin to look towards the future, we also have two large celebratory events planned for Year 11 students during the Summer term. At any point, the school reserves the right to refuse admission to both events (including for those students with tickets) should they fail to meet the standards that are expected of them. No refunds will be issued to any student that has their invitation revoked.

1. Year 11 Leavers’ Assembly The Year 11 Leavers’ Assembly will take place this year on Tuesday 13 th June 2023. This event will take place following the Science exam which will begin at 9:00am for all students. The program for the day will be as follows: ● 09:00am: GCSE Science exam for all Year 11 students.

● 11:00-11:20am: Break time. Year 11 students have a reception under the canopy; refreshments will be provided.

● 11:20-11:50am: Form time. Year 11 students will spend time with their form tutors. During this time, those that have paid for Year 11 Leavers’ Hoodies will be able to collect them.

● 11:50-12:20pm: Year 11 Leavers Assembly. All Year 11 students will go to the Main Hall for their final assembly address from their Head of Year.

● 12:20pm: Departure. Year 11 students will be dismissed from the Main Hall and leave the school site via Main Reception.

The school day will continue as normal for Years 7-10 and Year 12.

2) Year 11 Prom

The Year 11 Prom will take place on 12 th July 2023 at Wilton Hall in Bletchley.  The planning and preparation is underway to ensure that this evening is a night for everyone to remember. The venue is stunning; entertainment; awards; photographer’s / photo booth; and a professional DJ. 

Year 11 Chromebook Return

If your child has leased a Chromebook through the school, then these need to be returned in an acceptable condition by Friday 16 th June 2023. In order to receive your deposit, the Chromebook and charger will need to be returned and signed for before this date. Specific details on how and where to return student Chromebooks will be provided nearer the date. If you require any further information or clarification about any of the points raised above, then please contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance for assistance.

Yours sincerely

Mr A Passaro (Assistant Headteacher - School Improvement) and Mrs S Catling (Head of Year 11)

GCSE and A-Level Assessments and Results 2023

Summer 2023 Results Days

A-Level and Btecs - 17th August

GCSE and Btecs - 24th August

In June a Google form will be sent out to all exam students to confirm how you would like to receive your exam results in August 2023

a) collect your exam results in person, (or nominated person) 

b) would like them emailed to your school email address on the day of the results.  

Exam Certificates

Please email the school with regard to collecting the previous year's exam certificates.

Summer 2023 exam certificates  - collection dates to be confirmed nearer the time. The school usually receives them during November/December.

Replacement GCE and GCSE Examination Certificates

Exam Boards