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The Main Prospectus includes six videos to give you an insight into the 'Cottesloe Learning Journey'

Admission Information

Admissions Policy - Sept 2020
Years 7 - 11 

The Cottesloe School is a Foundation Secondary School. The admissions authority is the school’s Governing Body. As the Admissions authority the schools Governing Body must ensure that the practices and criteria used to decide the allocation of places are fair, clear and objective. The Governing Body must also set out the criteria that will be applied if there are more applications than places at the school. The School admits children at the age of 11 without reference to aptitude or ability. The schools Planned Admission Number (PAN) for Year 7 is 190.
As a Foundation school, The Cottesloe School works within the Fair Access protocol.
Please see our admissions policies for more information. Available in the important documents section of  this page

In Year Admissions
If you are applying for an In Year Admission to the school please return your completed application form directly to the school not to Bucks County Council.

Transition Support

Transition Support Programmes For Year 6 Students
We realise that the move from primary to secondary school is a major step for children and their parents. We work with our feeder schools and the parents of our new students to ensure that each child makes a happy and successful start at The Cottesloe School.

Why Do We Have Three Tiers Of Transition Support?
We view every child as an individual with individual needs. We are an intervention based school which firmly believes in being proactive in supporting youngsters to help ensure that their time at The Cottesloe School is as happy and academically successful as possible. As part of this approach we appreciate that different children have different needs.

Tier 1: Transition Support (TS)
All students will participate in this. Students will not be visited in the primary setting as a matter of course. However, schools can request a visit from the Transition team.
Should only one or two students transfer from your child's primary school we will invite them to attend an additional morning or afternoon to experience the school.

Key features of this programme:

  • Two Induction Days at The Cottesloe School. Two days means that students will have more opportunities to experience taster lessons and to participate in activities with their form. Students will also feel more confident after the second day when they realise that they recognise people and parts of the school from the day before.
  • Induction Day Parents’ Evening
  • Many special arrangements are put in place for Year 7 students for the first three weeks of term in September.
  • Parent and Form Tutor Drop-In Evening in early October.
  • Year 7 Feeder School Tea Party
  • Welcome Disco with Games Room
  • Year 7 Games Room runs two lunchtimes a week and as well as being a fun place for all students, is a supervised environment which is designed to promote social interaction between students, even those who may be shy or have difficulty in social situations.
  • A programme of activities with their Form Tutor in form time to help them become accustomed to secondary school and the routines and organisation which they will need.

Tier 2: Enhanced Transition Support (ETS)
Experience has shown that some students, irrespective of ability, need more specific support in making the move from primary to secondary school. This can be for a whole host of reasons. For example, recent bereavement or change to home circumstances, low confidence in meeting new people or simply difficulty adapting to change. At The Cottesloe School we have used our years of experience in supporting students to devise our own bespoke Enhanced Transition Support Programme.

Key features of this programme
As per Tier 1, plus:

  • Parents are contacted to give more detail on ETS and on how they can support transition.
  • Each child is visited at their primary school by the ETS team a minimum of three times in the spring term of Year 6. This aims to promote discussion about possible concerns they have about the move to secondary school.
  • Each child will be invited to attend three additional visits to The Cottesloe School to build on the prior activities.
  • During the Autumn Term of Year 7, students will have at least three meetings with the ETS team to discuss how they are settling in.

Tier 3: Educational Healthcare Plan/Statement Transition Support
All students with an Educational Healthcare Plan/Statement will automatically qualify for our Enhanced Transition Support Programme which will be supported by the SEND team.
Additionally SEND students receive further support, interventions and investigation from our SENDCo. For example each student would be observed learning in their primary setting by our SENDCo or Teaching
Assistants, who would also liaise with the primary school SENDCos regarding the child’s specific needs.

How Can Your Child Get Onto The ETS Programme?
Feeder schools are sent documentation to nominate students. Parents can contact the feeder school if they would like their child to be nominated.
The capacity we have for ETS is approximately 20% of our intake but we will do our utmost to support every child that needs it. Please note that need is not determined by ability. More able students can be just as vulnerable and in need of support.
All applications will be viewed by members of the ETS team who will contact the feeder school once a decision has been made.
Should you wish to discuss any aspect of transition support at The Cottesloe School please contact: