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The Main Prospectus includes six videos to give you an insight into the 'Cottesloe Learning Journey'

Admission Information

Admissions Policy - Sept 2020
Years 7 - 11 

The Cottesloe School is a Foundation Secondary School. The admissions authority is the school’s Governing Body. As the Admissions authority the schools Governing Body must ensure that the practices and criteria used to decide the allocation of places are fair, clear and objective. The Governing Body must also set out the criteria that will be applied if there are more applications than places at the school. The School admits children at the age of 11 without reference to aptitude or ability. The schools Planned Admission Number (PAN) for Year 7 is 190.
As a Foundation school, The Cottesloe School works within the Fair Access protocol.
Please see our admissions policies for more information. Available in the important documents section of  this page

In Year Admissions
If you are applying for an In Year Admission to the school please return your completed application form directly to the school not to Bucks County Council.

Transition Support

Transition Support Programmes for Year 6 Students

Three Tier Transition Support Programme
We realise that the move from primary to secondary school is a major step for children and their parents. We work with our feeder schools and the parents of our new students to ensure that each child makes a happy and successful start at The Cottesloe School.

Why do we have three pathways of transition support?
We view every child as an individual with individual needs. We are an intervention based school which firmly believes in being proactive in supporting students to help ensure that their time at The Cottesloe School is as happy and academically successful as possible. As part of this approach we appreciate that different children have different needs.

Details of the three pathways of transition support and how to apply for Enhanced Transition Support (ETS) are below.

Pathway 1: Universal Transition Support
This is a year long programme already embedded into student experience at Year 6 and 7. All students will participate in this.

Key features of this programme:

  • Regular updates and activities sent via e-mail to help familiarise students with the school.
  • Feeder school students will be visited by a member of the transition team. Students are told what to expect on our induction days and common worries are discussed. 
  • Information is gathered from primary teachers about the students.
  • A virtual opportunity to meet their form tutor prior to visiting the school.
  • A Saturday event in school prior to attending the induction days. This is an informal event which includes ice breaker activities and gives students a chance to meet their peers and form tutor in a relaxed environment.
  • Two induction days at The Cottesloe School, which ensure students are able to experience a variety of lessons and become familiar with the site.
  • A tailored induction plan which runs from September. This includes support to help them adjust to school routines, pastoral support and subject inductions.
  • Character camp in September.
  • Parent and Form Tutor Drop-In Evening in early October.
  • Students who are the only ones attending from their primary school will be part of a buddy system with other students in a similar situation.

Pathway 2: Enhanced Transition Support (ETS)
Experience has shown that some students, irrespective of ability, need more specific support in making the move from primary to secondary school.  This can be for a whole host of reasons.  For example, they may have suffered recent bereavement or a change in home circumstances, low confidence when meeting new people, difficulty adapting to change or worries above and beyond those normally experienced. At The Cottesloe School we have used our years of experience in supporting students to devise our own bespoke Enhanced Transition Support Programme.

The support offered will be tailored to the individual needs of the student, but would typically include:

  • Each child will be allocated a dedicated contact with whom they can discuss concerns. 
  • Early parental contact to discuss the process and strategies which will best benefit their child. 
  • Students will receive an enhanced transition pack which aims to increase familiarity with the school site and routines.
  • Enhanced transition visits to primary schools in which the student will participate in clearly structured activities aimed to highlight and allay concerns they may have.
  • Each child will be invited to attend two visits to The Cottesloe School prior to the induction days to tour the school and complete follow-up activities.
  • Additional Team Hub contact and support.
  • During the Autumn Term of Year 7, students will be prioritised for academic mentoring with form tutors. Team Hub support will be tailored to the needs of the student.

Pathway 3: Educational Healthcare Plan / Statement Transition Support
All students with an Educational Healthcare Plan/Statement will automatically qualify for our Enhanced Transition Support Programme which will be provided by the SEN team. 
Support will be individualised depending on the needs of the individual. This could include visits to the student in their primary setting by our SENDCo or Teaching Assistants, who would  also liaise with the primary school SENDCos regarding the child’s specific needs.
The SEN team will maintain contact with the student and parents, providing additional resources and visits to The Cottesloe School depending on the needs of the child. Teachers of students are made aware of the child’s needs and strategies to support them in lessons.

ETS Programme Access
Application forms for the ETS programme will be sent to our partner schools. The student’s school will nominate students, outlining the need for support and strategies which the student has benefitted from in the past.  Once the deadline for completion of forms has passed we will contact schools and parents and inform them of places allocated.
The capacity we have for ETS is 20% of our intake but we will do our utmost to support every child who needs it. Please note that need is not determined by ability; more able students can be just as vulnerable and in need of support.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of transition support at The Cottesloe School please contact:
Transition Support Officer
Tel: (01296) 688264