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Learning about Business Studies will provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to prepare them for employment or higher education. Business Studies has an essential core of knowledge and applied skills, giving learners the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge of the business environment. Students will develop an understanding of spotting business opportunities, they will know how to put ideas into practice, develop skills in growing a successful business and will understand internal and external influences on organisations.

Whilst studying Business Studies, students will learn how to grow an idea into a business. They will develop the knowledge and understanding of how and why businesses make decisions, such as financial, marketing and those within Human Resources.

Students’ personal development is encouraged, increasing knowledge and skills relevant to the business world through practical participation in a range of activities.


We develop the character and culture of our students, preparing them to be tomorrow’s workforce, equipped and able to be successful at any time, anywhere, any place and to become independent life-long learners through the implementation of the 6 Cs. We aim to achieve the highest student outcomes; our central purpose of teaching and assessment, provide opportunities and feedback for students to improve their work. Students develop a range of skills including personal learning and thinking skills and access the best opportunities to practise these skills.

Students are supported throughout their studies; extra-curricular support and drop-in sessions after school add a layer of opportunity to ensure they are challenged and stretched within the lessons, exploring a wider learning context.  This results in them entering the world of work with the attributes necessary to be successful.