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Subject Ethics and Philosophy

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The main focus of Ethics and Philosophy is to develop critical thinking skills and facilitate an exploration of not only religion and religious ways of life but also key moral and ethical dilemmas that may face the world within the 21st century. When studying Ethics and Philosophy at The Cottesloe School, students are encouraged to embark upon a quest for answers to ultimate questions, such as ‘What happens when we die?’ and ‘Does God exist?’. Through a wide and varied curriculum, students are encouraged to reflect on their opinions and beliefs, as well as challenging the views of others. Students in the Ethics and Philosophy department will study religious teachings and practices, as well as forms of expression and belief. We feel it is important that students gain an understanding of the impact that religion may have on individuals, families, communities and cultures. They are required to evaluate issues of truth, beliefs, faith and ethics and communicate these through a variety of methods.


Using the Six Cs and the Healthy Relationship wheel adopted by the school, we promote an ethos of inclusive religious, social, moral and cultural learning. We aim to foster an environment where young people are able to shape their own beliefs and engage critically with the beliefs of others in a supportive and nurturing environment. Students develop culture and character through their engagement in Ethics and Philosophy at The Cottesloe School, equipping themselves with skills they need to be considerate and conscientious members of the local and global community, whilst also developing their own strong sense of self, as they continue to grow.


Page last updated 15 October 2021