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The Modern Foreign Languages curriculum at The Cottesloe School offers students of all abilities the opportunity to experience the culture and character of two globally significant languages. Encouraged to ask questions about daily life in Francophone and German-speaking countries, students’ personal experiences become a facilitator in bridging the foreign and the familiar.

Students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills right from the beginning of their programme of study as they find links between English, French and German. As the complexity of the language taught progresses so does students’ resilience, enabling them to engage with the rigours of the GCSE curriculum. Hard-hitting issues such as youth addiction and climate change force GCSE linguists to consider their rights and responsibilities as global citizens in a truly international context.

The benefits of obtaining a GCSE language for further study and employment are also emphasised to students, as are the merits of continuing at A-Level. Students will finish their MFL programme of study knowing they have developed a skill set to help them persevere when challenged, speak their minds with confidence, and respect and appreciate the diversity of the world around them. 



The languages department believes that there is no failure, only a first step on the road to becoming a confident and fluent linguist! If at first you don’t succeed, try again! We all make mistakes, and if you aren’t making mistakes whilst learning a language, you’re not doing it right! By learning – and making mistakes! – together we can all become more tolerant, more collaborative, more resilient and most importantly, better communicators. That’s how you learn a language, and we hope you’ll learn with us!