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The aims of the History Curriculum is to allow students to develop the skills of a historian, these include understanding bias, to be able to evaluate and use evidence and sources. Students develop an understanding of how people have lived in the past and how life has changed over time. Students develop the skills of research, clear written and oral communication.  Students engage with written information developing a wide vocabulary and understanding.   We specifically teach units that link to our GCSE courses in order to develop a wider knowledge of periods in history and also of the development of countries. This is also to have clear progression routes and build on knowledge and skills. There is a strong focus on British History and its relationship with the wider world, as well as an examination of the strong sense of the culture of Britain and how it has changed over time. Using a thematic approach allows students to look at both changes over time and key turning points in history.


We aim to make the lessons interesting and interactive using a variety of approaches to suit the learners in each class. This can include role play, re-enactment, living history and primary sources. 
There is more to history than dates and facts and we try to explore the past through the story of the people that lived in the past.    

Page last updated 13 October 2021