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Subject Food, Hospitality & Catering

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The need to eat healthily can’t be stressed enough. By giving students a broad understanding of different cultures, catering industry standards, methods and processes, a curriculum in Catering, Hospitality and Food, delivers skills that are needed to be self-sufficient, healthy and independent when working with food and developing this lifelong skill.


This course not only prepares students for some important life skills but also teaches students how to cook, serve and store food safely and hygienically in line with industry standards and government legislation.

Understanding the link between the foods and ingredients we eat, and how the function of the nutrients they contain and perform in the body.  

How special dietary needs can affect the choices people make when selecting foods, and the symptoms caused by poor dietary choices. 

This course encourages students to challenge themselves to prepare and serve food to Hospitality and Catering industry standards. Using specialist equipment and technical knowledge to create quality dishes and products. 

Students will be encouraged to experience the industry, where possible, in the school environment processing for events.




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