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Parents Transition Support

We realise that the move from primary to secondary school is a major step for children and their parents. 

We work with our feeder schools and the parents of our new students to ensure that each child makes a happy and successful start at The Cottesloe School.

Please see the Transition Journey (PDF) (pictured below) that we have created to give a clear picture of the transition we take our new students on. 

Why do we have a range of transition support strategies?

We view every child as an individual with individual needs. We are an intervention-based school that firmly believes in being proactive in supporting students to help ensure that their time at The Cottesloe School is as happy and academically successful as possible. We appreciate that different children have different needs and feel a personalised approach to transition ensures that all students are able to access the support they need to make a positive start at the school.

Universal Transition Support

All students will receive transition support as part of a year-long programme embedded into the student experience at Years 6 and 7. 

Key features of this programme:

  • Regular updates and activities are sent via email to help familiarise students with the school.
  • All primary schools are offered a visit by a member of the transition team, during which students have a chance to discuss common questions and worries. Information is gathered from primary teachers about the students.
  • A Welcome Evening for parents and students to meet key staff.
  • Two induction days at The Cottesloe School, to ensure students are able to experience a variety of lessons and become familiar with the site. 
  • A tailored induction plan runs from September. This includes support to help them adjust to school routines, pastoral support and subject inductions. 
  • Parent and Form Tutor Evening in early October.

Summer Camp

Our Character camp will run from Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st August. Students will attend one of these days and enjoy a fun, fast-paced team-building day on our school site and the Ascott House Estate. The day will be run by school staff and instructors from one of our Outdoor Education partners, Outspark. Summer Camp is an excellent opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with others they may have met on the transition days and build confidence to start their secondary school journey.

Enhanced Transition

Experience has shown that some students, irrespective of ability, need more specific support in making the move from primary to secondary school.  This can be for a whole host of reasons. For example, they may have suffered a recent bereavement or a change in home circumstances, low confidence when meeting new people, difficulty adapting to change or worries above and beyond those normally experienced. 

We gather information about students from primary schools and use this to create a tailored support package. This will be dependent on the needs of the student, but could include: 

  • An additional school tour.
  • Early parental contact to discuss the process and strategies to support their child.  
  • An enhanced transition pack that aims to increase familiarity with the school site and routines. 
  • Enhanced transition visits to primary schools aimed at highlighting and allaying concerns they may have.
  • Additional visits to The Cottesloe School to meet key staff and partake in familiarisation activities.
  • Additional Team Hub contact and support, either before or after the move to The Cottesloe School.

SEND Support

We understand that students with additional learning needs or SEND may require further support, which typically begins earlier in the school year.  Support is individualised depending on the student’s needs. This could include visits to the student in their primary setting by our SENDCo or Teaching Assistants, who would also liaise with the primary school SENDCos and Teaching Assistants regarding the child’s specific needs.

The SEND team will maintain contact with the student and parents, providing additional resources and visits to The Cottesloe School depending on the needs of the child. Teachers of students are made aware of the child’s needs and strategies to support them in lessons before teaching begins in Year 7.

We offer multiple tours - firstly after school hours when the building is mostly quiet and empty, and secondly during the day to see the school in motion. 

Students with EHCPs are offered an additional visit to the Base to meet key support staff and spend some time getting to know the resources available to them. Students will also be able to meet our school dog, Teddy.

Solo Student Support

Students who are the only ones attending from their primary schools may also need additional support during the transition process.  These students will be offered an additional session in school to meet other students in the same situation and discuss any concerns they may have. Students will be buddied with another solo student in their form group

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of transition support at The Cottesloe School please contact:

Transition Support Officer