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Subject Performing Arts

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The Performing Arts reflect our history, National Identity and Community.  The experiences they afford to students shape them and remain with them throughout their lives. At The Cottesloe School, Performing Arts are fundamental to the personal development of our young people and allow them to become competent in the 6Cs learning behaviours which enable success in all areas of the curriculum during their Cottesloe Journey and life beyond. Key Stage Three intends to prepare students by developing these behaviours for learning in a variety of disciplines and mediums.  We intend students to master a range of skills through creating, performing and appraising activities.  In Drama, they explore scripted and devised topics including mime, masked performance, modern plays, Greek Theatre and theatrical devices.  In Music, they experience a variety of cultures and traditions including Disco, Pop, Classical, Ukulele and African Music gaining increased technical and expressive competence in the performance and construction of Music.


At Key Stage 4 students may extend their skills aspiring to GCSE Music and Drama.  They will further develop composition, devising and performance skills.  In addition to the exploration of professional practitioners, students are encouraged to develop their performance practices and collaborate with companies to create original performance material.  The Healthy Relationships wheel underpins themes studied including bullying (empathy) and knife crime (community) and enables students to reflect upon and challenge the wider world.  Across the academic year, students are invited to participate in several trips including visits to the local and regional theatres and take part in a plethora of extracurricular clubs.  Regular bespoke performance opportunities are organised in the local community and students run performing arts workshops at our local feeder schools, including a year 6 transition play for Year 6 Induction day.  There is an annual school production, a Christmas Concert and a series of classwork showcases and INSPIRE events.  Inspire students have also participated in three Performing Arts Tours including Amsterdam in 2017 generating performance work related to the countries visited.  We regularly participate in Sign 2 Sing and other charity events to support the local community such as Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and MIND.   Peripatetic lessons are popular with students achieving excellent grades for instrument and voice exams including UCAS points for the higher grades.  Our choir participated in the Bucks Music Trust performance at The Royal Albert Hall, Brickstock and our school dance company IGNITE performs annually at the Honeycomb Dance Festival.   We believe the power of performance work can unite students, promote equality and transcend difference.  Our students experience a broad and ambitious curriculum, rich in knowledge and skills, which ignites their curiosity for future learning in school and instils an appreciation for the Arts into their adult lives.

Peripatetic Music Tuition - (Link)