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Subject Physical Education

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Our curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for students to develop their competence in order to excel in a broad range of physical activities and sports. We aim to inspire students to succeed in competitive, physical, collaborative and aesthetic activities, developing their health, fitness and physical confidence. This will enable students to make informed lifestyle choices in order to sustain a good quality of life and maintain their physical and mental wellbeing through lifelong participation in sport. Throughout their time with us, we hope to build character and embed the values of fairness and respect.

We aim to develop students’ skills, confidence, and ultimately, interest in physical activity and sport so they are inspired and enthused to participate in and out of school. The experience they gain with us, we believe, should be the catalyst for lifelong participation in sport, cementing the habits of a lifetime. Our department fosters a positive learning environment where enjoyment breeds success. Through increased competency and expertise in a range of sporting techniques, this success leads to excellence and fulfilment for all. The building of character through personal development and the fostering of healthy relationships is a cornerstone of our ethos. Through failure and success students will win and lose, and learn the values of fairness, resilience, sportsmanship and respect.

Page last updated 13 October 2021