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Subject Psychology

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Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour.  We explore human behaviour from a variety of perspectives, whilst considering the issues and debates within Psychology that are as much of today as they were many years ago. The nature nurture debate considers the relative contributions of biology and environment on any given behaviour.  We will explore many topics which are qualitatively diverse such as; Psychopathology which studies the causes of mental disorders, such as OCD, Phobias and Schizophrenia. If we can understand what causes these disorders, then we may have a better chance of developing ways to treat them. Social Psychology focuses on the social interactions people have with each other.  Amongst other issues, this area of study seeks to explain why we conform and why we are likely to obey authority figures.  During the process students develop many transferable skills including objective analysis of theories and studies.


Within a supportive environment the study of Psychology aims to enable students to gain knowledge of concepts and theories relating to the human experience.  Independence develops through building on prior knowledge to enable exploration and research.  Furthermore, interdependence is a highly valued attribute; working collaboratively to support each other’s learning whilst developing our own is essential to success in Psychology.  These skills acquired from the study of Psychology will launch students, with confidence, into their next academic or work, life adventure.