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Young Creative Bucks Forum05/04/2022

YoungCreativeBucks are looking to create a Young Creative Bucks Forum for young people aged between 14 to 18 in partnership with Bucks Culture.

The Young Creative Bucks Forum will help us to shape things to come!

They are looking for:

  • Young people aged 14 to 18
  • From Buckinghamshire
  • Who have a keen interest in creativity, arts and/or culture
  • Who are interested in making the youth voice heard in Bucks

We are welcoming anyone from any area in Bucks and from any background, what matters to us is their enthusiasm and willingness to support a shared vision!

There will be a great opportunity to learn leadership skills, teamwork, project management and delivery, all of which can help to build their CVs.

Please email them directly at (Please note if they are under 16 to only use their school email address)

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